OTEN Resource Development user report (Rob Wales)

The Resource Development team has used LOCO for creating various documents for use in electronic and print environments.
Template documents have been created for purposes such as Learning Resource overviews and Assessment Guides. Creating such document templates in LOCO has provided us with the ability to disseminate to teachers and content developers who insert specific detail and publish to html for on-line delivery and to Word for print delivery.
The benefit is that we have college wide consistency in format and presentation of such documents. In addition the html output can be inserted into Moodle courses.
Instructional documents have also been developed that combine text, graphics and embedded media such as You Tube videos and Software simulations for use in teacher professional development.
In addition we have supported the teachers who are participating in the trial in using both the single page and quiz functionality within LOCO and have extensively tested LOCO providing feedback regarding bugs and enhancements to the developers.

Accounting user report (Philip Barbieri)

When I was first asked to import Moodle quizzes to LOCO found that I could import and export quizzes with about 2 minutes training. I found LOCO very easy and convenient to use (Almost too easy!). It is has a very user friendly layout and the info button explains how to use LOCO and this makes everything simple to find and do.
We have a number of students studying through an Indonesian college and others in Corrective Centres. These students are unable to access their learning in an online environment so being able to output LOCO quizzes to both html where we can burn to CD and to Word where we can post is a major benefit to us. As Accounting has a lot of Moodle online quizzes (32 in total), importing them by XML and exporting out to HTML for delivery on CD or to Word was quick and easy.
Some things I would like to see updated/implemented though, would be for more question types to be added (As Moodle True/False, Drag and Drop, etc which I understand have been placed in the development queue. [T/F questions will be implemented - PW] The teachers in our section would also like the option for when attempting the quiz to provide feedback after each question or at the end of the quiz or to not provide feedback at all depending on the purpose of the quiz. [Implemented for version 0.8 - PW]
Overall I found LOCO to be a powerful and useful tool that was simple to learn and use. Would definitely like to see it continue to be developed to see how far it can go!

Property user report (Mathew Rowe)

As someone with limited technology skills I found LOCO very straightforward to use.

Recently I was required to create a single repository for all national property industry legislation. We had previously had a number of documents and locations in which this information had been stored which was difficult for students to find. After some basic training I was able to create a multi paged web resource ordered by State and territory in which students can easily find and access the specific legislation quite quickly. Already, we have had very positive feedback from students regarding this resource, they have found this much easier to access legislation which has aided and quickened their learning.

I found LOCO very user friendly while developing the resource being able to cross between editing tools and live preview.

One recommendation would be left hand or tabbed navigation to make it easier to create multi page documents.
[Note: this multi-page resource was developed by manually linking together several single-page resources. Version 0.8 will have a proper multi-page resource document type with left navigation. - PW]

Business management (Kerrie Street)

I attended the training day with Paul where the focus was on quiz creation. A need arose to transfer the contents of a Moodle book into a LOCO format, so I decided to “have a go”.

Menu Options - Easy to use, had a nice look and feel to them.
Bullet Points and Numbering - I appreciated the functionality of Microsoft here, ie two enters got rid of my bullet and returned me to the margin.
View Modes - Preview and Edit mode were easy to use and worked well.
Hyperlinking - Easy to use, no problems
Adding text - I found the popup [ie Tooltip - PW] for Rich text often overlapped what I was typing. This is annoying.
Insert New Sections - It took a little while for me to realise that I had to have the Page level selected before inserting a Section to retain the correct hierarchy
Section Naming - It was not evident why some sections had names showing and others didn’t. Apparently this is a bug, and you have to put in a space. I was copying and pasting using the mouse. [Pasting without keystrokes did not trigger the event that detects modifications to content. Fixed in next version - PW]
Hyperlink Field - I did not realise that the default http: would also find https: [This was a user misunderstanding regarding hyperlinks - PW]
Support and Feedback - Rob Wales responded very quickly to my help emails.

Childrens services (Laura Armesto)

We were looking for a tool that would assist us in creating resources and assessments in a fast and easy way which we could train our teachers
We have found LOCO very easy and intuitive to use.
We like the ability to export to various formats
We have not used extensively yet, have had very limited exposure (only through the training)

Disabilities (David King)

Feel it has a tool with a lot of potential and am very pleased that principles of universal design have been thought about and incorporated from the early stages of its development.

We plan to use loco to create learning resources:
• As intro to our services – using the quiz function to explore support options
• As Learning activities for adaptive technology units – referring to
• To embed Youtube resources and checklist

It’s a straightforward program to use and great that graphics and other media are easy to incorporate - Would like to see the addition of audio (Mp3)

LOCO has great Universal design options and potential – formatting to suit different individual learning styles and disability needs