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National VET E-Learning Strategy

The National VET (Vocational Education and Training) E-learning Strategy (Strategy) aims to strengthen the Australian training sector’s use of new learning technologies and leverage opportunities provided by such projects as the National Broadband Network (NBN) to make major advances in the achievement of government training objectives.

The Strategy seeks to build the capability of registered training organisations (RTOs), industry and community stakeholders to create more accessible training options and facilitate new ways of learning through technology. It also aims to stimulate e-learning ventures to support individual participation in training and employment, and the alignment of workforce skill levels with economic needs.

The Strategy is driven by the vision:
A globally competitive Australian training system underpinned by world class e-learning
infrastructure and capability.

and has the following three goals:
  1. Develop and utilise e-learning strategies to maximise the benefits of the national investment in broadband.
  2. Support workforce development in industry through innovative training solutions.
  3. Expand participation and access for individuals through targeted e-learning approaches.

New Generation Technologies for Learning Business Activity

The New Generation Technologies for Learning Business Activity incorporates the existing E-standards for Training activity and primarily contributes to Goal 1 of the National VET E-learning Strategy. It has the following objective:
Support the capacity of the VET system to use broadband and emerging technologies for learning, through research, standards development and advice.


The purpose of the Emerging Technology Trials conducted by the Strategy’s New Generation Technologies for Learning business activity is to explore emerging technologies and identify areas where future standards work may be required. The trials are also an important tool for identifying ways that the emerging technologies may be utilised in teaching and learning in the wider national training system.

In 2012, the National VET E-learning Strategy (Strategy) has funded six trials into emerging technologies. The six organisations, the trials and their project managers are:

This wiki will serve as a central collaboration point for the duration of the projects.

Contact information

New Generation Technologies for Learning
(incorporating E-standards for Training)

Project Lead: Bronwyn Lapham
+61 (0)3 9661 8781

Business Manager: Kristena Gladman
+61 (0)3 9661 8756

For general enquiries about the National VET E-learning Strategy, please contact:
Secretariat of the Flexible Learning Advisory Group
+61 (0)3 9954 2700
Email: flag_enquiries@natese.gov.au Website: flexiblelearning.net.au